Midterm Exams of the Common Compulsory Courses (Updated)

During Distance Learning, midterm exams of the common compulsory courses (Foreign Language II, Turkish Language II, Ataturk Principles and the History of Revolution II, and Basic Computer Sciences) will be held online in MERGEN in between 11-19 May 2020.

These exams will

  • consist of 20 questions
  • last 20 minutes
  • last 25 minutes for International Students.

Midterm exams for these courses will be taken in any day and at any time in between 11-19 May 2020. For some reasons (like electricity or internet connection loses), students who are not able to complete their exam within allowed 20/25 minutes time, will be able to continue to complete their exam from the question they left provided that allowed time is not expired . Therefore, once an answer given to a question will not be changed.

[Note: If you logout during the exam without completing the time allowed and finishing all the questions asked in the exam, the time will still be counted by the server, there is no way to stop it. Therefore, if you log in MERGEN again to complete your exam provided that you have still have time remaining and you have not finished answering the questions, then you will be able to complete your exam depending on amount of the time left.]